Centro Tecnologico del Mar - Fundacion CETMAR

The Centro Tecnológico del Mar - Fundación CETMAR is a non profit foundation promoted by the former Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, currently the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and by the Regional Department of Sea and the General Directorate or R&D of the Government of Galicia.

CETMAR aims to contribute to the sustainable development of marine resources and, in this framework, to increase the efficiency of related economic sector, namely the fishing industry, aquaculture and seafood processing industries, along with all activities directly or indirectly linked to the use and exploitation of the sea and its resources.

The main strategies are focused on the achievement of a higher degree of cooperation and interdisciplinary integration of the R&D and Innovation resources available, and a higher involvement of the private sector in the development of R&D activities and absorbing R&D results to lead them to the market. CETMAR has a relevant background in coordinating and participating in collaborative research and innovation projects under different types of funding schemes and programmes of EU and international scope. CETMAR is organised in eight departments. The Control and Management of Marine Environment and Resources Department is in charge of the coordination and management activities in the STAGES project.


CETMAR will be responsible for the coordination and management of STAGES (WP1). CETMAR will contribute to WP2 in the compilation of research results of national projects, will support the organisation of Workshops in WP3 and will contribute to WP4 and WP5.

Description of personnel involved in the project:

Marisa Fernández Cañamero holds a PhD in chemistry and specialises in marine pollution. She was in charge of the coordination of the Network of European National Reference Laboratories for Marine Toxins for more than nine years at the EU Community Reference Laboratory on Marine Toxins, where she was Chairman of EU Working Groups related to marine toxins hosted by the EU Commission. She is currently the Head of the Department of Control and Management of Marine Environment & Resources in the CETMAR where she is developing and coordinating a number of regional, national and EU projects of different programs related to marine pollution, maritime safety, aquaculture and fisheries. She is, or has been, the project leader of ARCOPOL (Atlantic Area), DRIFTER (Ampera Eranet), and GESTINMER (Life Environment). Maris was work package leader in VALBIOMAR (Interreg IIIB), EROCIPS (Interreg IIIB), GASD (Interreg IIIB), ANCORIM (Interreg IIIB), BEFAIR (Life environment), FAROS (Life Environment), and SPREEX (CSA, VIFP). She is the coordinator of the Spanish Technological Platform for Protection of Coast and Marine Environment PROTECMA (Ministry of Science and Technology, www.ptprotecma.es). PROTECMA includes a working group on WFD and MSFD.

Raquel Diez holds a PhD in Marine Geosciences and has been Department Technician in the Department of Control and Management of Marine Environment and Resources in CETMAR since June 2008. Previously she worked as full-time researcher for more than eight years in the Department of Marine Geosciences and Spatial Planning of the University of Vigo and specialized in marine stratigraphy. From 2008 to present she has been working in CETMAR and has collaborated in the coordination and management of regional, national and EU projects dealing with coastal risks, coastal management, marine pollution and aquaculture monitoring.

Belen Pungin has a degree in Marine Sciencies and more than eight years of experience in EU project financial management. She will be in charge of financial and administrative tasks. In addition, one project officer will be contracted on a part-time basis to support the coordination and management work.



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