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STAGES is a Coordination and Support Action, which has received funding from the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme of Cooperation (FP7; Food, Agriculture and Fisheires). The project consortium is made up of 8 partners from 7 countries and is coordinated by the Centro Tecnologico del Mar (CETMAR) based in Spain. The partnership combines European / International organisations which represent a broad constituency of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) stakeholders, and national organisations with responsibility to support research and provide advice on MSFD at Member State level.

The MSFD is designed to deliver “Good Environmental Status” (GES) in EU marine waters by 2020. This Directive requires that Member States (MS) with marine territories put in place measures to achieve and maintain GES within a defined timeframe and according to eleven key descriptors of environmental status. However, there is a significant knowledge deficit which may hinder full implementation of the MSFD and the achievement of GES in EU waters. The STAGES project is designed to directly address this knowledge deficit.

STAGES runs for 24 months and aims to improve the scientific knowledge base to support the implementation of the MSFD. The STAGES project will bridge the science-policy gap and improve the current scientific knowledge base to allow Member States to achieve a Good Environmental Status (GES) in marine waters.

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