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EurOcean - the European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology - officially created on 28 February 2002 - is presently composed of 14 Full Members, which are mainly national marine research or funding organisations in Europe: FCT (Portugal), GeoEcoMar (Romania), IEO (Spain), Ifremer (France), IMR (Norway), IOPAS (Poland), MI (Ireland), VLIZ (Belgium), MCST (Malta), FRCT-Azores (Portugal), NAUSICAÄ (France), CNR (Italy), IOI (Malta) and CESAM (Portugal). EurOcean has also signed an agreement of cooperation with three European and international organisations (the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission – IOC/UNESCO, the Conference of the Peripheral Maritime Regions – CPMR, and the Fondation de Malte). As such, EurOcean has strong connections with national and international bodies related to policy, funding/development, scientific communication and networking. The main objectives of EurOcean are to: 1) facilitate the access to information; 2) promote the development of indicators on marine science and technology, environment, and socio-economic factors; 3) encourage cooperation between the existing European organisations; and 4) contribute to the preparation of syntheses.

Role of EurOcean in STAGES

EurOcean will play a leading role in WP2, which is dedicated to the identification, collection and analysis of EU and National research activities relevant to the MSFD. EurOcean will be involved in all the WPs, particularly in WP4 and WP5, maximising its experience in science communication and networking. EurOcean will make available to the project a direct contact with its Members' network that will help the project to have additional access to relevant research information. EurOcean manages an internet portal providing an electronic platform of communication and information for all actors with interest in marine science and technology in Europe. Priority is given to on-line information on Marine research infrastructures in Europe; European marine RTD Funded Projects; and other European RTD official information (policy, capacity building, etc.).

Description of personnel involved in the project:

Telmo Carvalho is specialised (MSc) in Science Policy and has a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. He is currently the Executive-Director of EurOcean since 2009. Previously, he joined, in 2004, the International Relations Department as a Science Manager in the fields of environmental and Marine Sciences at the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Since 1999, he worked at the Science and Technology Observatory of the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology.

Telmo Carvalho has long experience in Marine Science initiatives at European and international level dealing with: research infrastructures (EUROFLEETS, EUROFLEETS2), Knowledge Management (MarineTT, NETBIOME2) and Science Policy Coordination (Marin-ERA; Seas-ERA; Circle ERA-Net). Additionally, he is member of the Advisory / Consultation Boards and Working Groups of several European projects and initiatives (EUROMARINE; MarineBiotech; DG ENV MSF implementation groups). As Executive-Director of EurOcean, his current areas of interest are: Marine Infrastructures usage Coordination and Maximisation; Marine Knowledge Identification and Management and Ocean Literacy Dissemination.

Maica Garriga holds an MSc in geo-information technologies for marine and coastal management and a degree in Marine Sciences. Since 2006, she has worked as a project manager for European marine research projects dealing with knowledge management and capacity building (i.e. MarineTT, ENCORA).



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