STAGES Final Workshop

Presentations from the STAGES Final workshop From Knowledge Generation to Knowledge Application – How can we bridge the gap and ensure efficient management and uptake of research knowledge to support MSFD Implementation? (19 June, 2014, Brussels) are avilable for download below.


Opening Session

Marine Knowledge for MSFD Implementation - Ana-Teresa Caetano (DG RESEARCH)

MSFD Implementation: State of Play - Joachim d'Eugenio (DG Environment)


Session 1 - Identification, Collection and Analysis of Research Outputs relevant to MSFD Implementation

Harnessing Research Activity; Challenges, Benefits and Progress made in STAGES - Telmo Carvalho (EurOcean)

Analysing and Synthesising Research Knowledge Outputs - From understanding the “Universe” of research activity to identifying specific Knowledge Outputs for specific applications - David Murphy (AquaTT)


Session 2 - Identification of Research Needs and Prioritisation

Identification of Research Needs - Experiences and results from the STAGES Consultation Workshops on Research Needs - Jean-Paul Lecomte (IFREMER)

Assessing Trade Offs for Programmes of Measures - Dr. Samuli Korpinen (on behalf of ICES)


Session 3 - Creating a Science Policy Interface (SPI) to support MSFD Implementation

Setting the Scene - A Science Policy Interface Proposal - Niall McDonough and Kate Larkin (European Marine Board)

JRC development of MSFD - Marine Competence Centre - Nicolas Hoepffner (Joint Research Council)

Presentations on experiences from European, Regional and National Case Studies - Irina Makarenko (Black Sea Commission) and Jean-Paul Lecomte (IFREMER)


Closing Session

Bridging the Gap - Summary of Key Recommendations arising from STAGES - Marisa Fernandez (STAGES Coordinator)






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