International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES)

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ICES is an organisation that coordinates and promotes marine research in the North Atlantic. This includes adjacent seas such as the Baltic Sea and North Sea. The Council acts as a meeting point for a community of more than 1600 marine scientists from 20 countries around the North Atlantic. Scientists working through ICES gather information about the marine ecosystem. As well as filling gaps in existing knowledge, this information is also developed into unbiased, non-political advice. ICES advice is then used by the 20 member countries, which fund ICES, to help them manage the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas. ICES secretariat has been based in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 1902.

Role of ICES in Stages

In the scope of the STAGES project, ICES will be mostly involved in WP3 by reviewing the existing knowledge and recommendations and in the foresight activities. As the leader of the FP7 MARCOM+ project, ICES has considerable experience in science-policy communication mechanisms and thus will engage itself in building of the envisaged science-policy interface. ICES will contribute to WP4, WP2 and WP5.

Description of personnel involved in the project:

Dr. Adolf Kellermann - the Head of Science Programme in the ICES Secretariat. He has extensive experience in externally funded projects, including national funding (i.e. databases, wind farming), EC-funded projects (e.g. COSA, Profet Policy) and overseas funded projects (e.g. US National Science Foundation, Lighthouse Foundation), either as project leader, initiator or participant. Currently, Dr. Kellermann is the coordinator of the 'Towards an Integrated Science and Technology Community - MARCOM+' FP7 project. His scientific work focused on biological oceanography in the Southern Ocean for eleven years, including participation in the international BIOMASS Programme and intense cooperation with Brazil, the UK, the US, Poland and Russia between 1981- 1991. He has spent twelve years as senior science manager in Germany's largest marine national park. A major activity was the design, implementation and coordination of the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP) in the European Wadden Sea (1992-2004). His duties in ICES cover organising the Annual Science Conference with around 700 participants, co-sponsorship and shadowing of around six ICES science symposia worldwide, coordinating about 80 ICES Expert Groups under six Science Committees, and managing the ICES publication programme.

Dr. Wojciech Wawrzynski- ICES Professional Secretary for Scientific Cooperation and the ‘Marine and Maritime Science and Technology Forum’ Forum manager. Previously the Head of Coordination and Promotion of Research Unit at the Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia, Poland. Wojciech Wawrzynski is a doctor of economic sciences, he has participated in numerous EU-funded projects: POLMARF, EUROCEANS, MARIFISH ERA-NET, 4SEAS, MEECE, COFASP (and several others co-funded from outside the Framework Programme financial streams)’.



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