WP4 – Building a Science-Policy Interface to Support MSFD Implementation

WP4 Lead partner: Foundation Europeenne de la Science (Marine Board)

WP4 Lead contact persons: Niall McDonough and Kate Larkin

Contact details: NMcDonough@esf.org  Klarkin@esf.org


This WP will address Objective 3 of STAGES by investigating stakeholder needs and optimum modalities to facilitate the access of policy makers charged with implementing MSFD to relevant and up-to-date scientific advice. WP4 will examine best practice in the development and operation of an effective science-policy interface, relevant to complex environmental/marine policies. It will identify relevant MSFD stakeholders at national, regional, and pan-European level and implement a structured stakeholder consultation to seek ideas and guidance on principles underlying the development of an effective MSFD science-policy interface platform. Emphasis will be placed on delivering a proposal which will be capable of providing advice in line with the timetable for MSFD implementation. All partners will assist with the identification and consultation of stakeholders in their countries of origin. WP4 will deliver a concrete proposal for an appropriate long term MSFD science-policy interface.


1. Identify relevant MSFD stakeholders at national, regional, and pan-European level.
2. Deliver a concrete proposal with recommendations and a roadmap on building and implementing an effective fit-for-purpose science policy interface platform.


Task 4.1 Stakeholder Analysis
Task 4.2 Proposal for a Science Policy Interface Platform 


As part of Task 4.1 the European Marine Board  recently launched a MSFD Consultation as part of STAGES WP4.  The survey will assess Stakeholder views on the current MSFD science advisory process and assess ways to enhance knowledge uptake. 

If you are a Marine Stakeholder in the public or private sector STAGES WP4 would like to hear from you to help shape Stakeholder engagement in the future MSFD policy process.  To complete the survey online on behalf of an organization please visit: http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.aspx?id=22ad6a3f-778b-4499-9e4c-2dd180911e46
Please download the survey and MSFD information sheet here.

For further information please contact: stageswp4@gmail.com








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