WP2 – Identify, Extract, Analyse and Synthesize the Knowledge

WP2 Lead partner: Fundasao EurOcean (EUROCEAN)

WP2 contact persons:  Telmo Carvalho and Maica Garriga

Contact details of coordinator: Telmo.Carvalho@fct.pt and Maica.Garriga@fct.pt


This WP has been designed to ensure that relevant knowledge, which has already been generated through marine environment research at both EU and national level, is identified, analyzed and made available in a format that is easily accessible and usable by policy makers and the wider MSFD stakeholder community. For that purpose, a solid methodology for collection, validation and harmonisation of the information will be put in place, including suitable collection criteria and tools tailored in accordance with the information supplier. Being aware of the difficulties and challenges of this mission, especially at the national level, all the partners will support EurOcean in this task by making use of their involvement in relevant related EU projects and networks and by facilitating the establishment of contacts and collection of information from national institutions in charge of MSFD research and implementation. The gathered information will be further analysed and classified according to MSFD major themes: descriptors, criteria, indicators, pressures and impacts. In addition State-of-the-Art (SoA) reports will also be developed in order to synthesise and transfer the knowledge and insight generated to relevant policy/decision makers at EC and Member State level. The outcomes of this process will feed WP3 and WP4 by providing additional and valuable inputs to identify and assess the current knowledge and the needs for further research.


1. Identify the relevant knowledge generated through EU research activities.
2. Identify the relevant knowledge generated through National research activities
3. Collect the identified knowledge
4. Analyze and synthesize the collected knowledge
5. Make it widely available.


Task 2.1 Scope and Methodology
Task 2.2 Identify and Collect
Task 2.3 Analyse and Classify
Task 2.4 Production of RTD “State of the Art” synthesis reports on major MSFD themes.


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