WP3 – Knowledge Assessment & gap / need identification - foresight

WP3 Lead partner: Institut Francais de Recherche poru l’ Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER)

WP3 contact persons: Morgan Le Moigne

Contact details: Morgan.Le.Moigne@ifremer.fr


The JRC/ICES Task Groups made a first attempt at identifying knowledge gaps and research priorities. The reports of the Task Groups will thus form a starting point for the work of STAGES in assessing research and monitoring needs for MSFD implementation. This work contributed to the Commission Decision (2012/477/EU) on criteria and methodological standards on GES of marine waters and to the Commission Staff Working Paper Relationship between the initial assessment of marine waters and the criteria for good environmental status (SEC (2011) 1255). In order to add value to the Task Group recommendations, STAGES, through WP3, will take a more holistic and cross-cutting approach by supporting dedicated workshops and expert input on future research. The information collected, classified, analysed and synthesised by WP2 will be used in this process and will constitute a key contribution for the knowledge gap assessment


1. Identify the key pressures on marine environment
2. Identify the impacts on marine ecosystems and services resulting from these pressures
3. Identify where are the main accumulation of impacts and major needs for response identified
4. Analyze how should the interactions between ecosystems and socio-economic activities should be addressed.


Task 3.1 Synthesis of incoming recommendations
Task 3.2 Identification of research needs with regard to pressures and their impacts on marine ecosystems
Task 3.3 Identification of research needs with regard to the implementation of monitoring programmes.
Task 3.4 Identification of research needs with regard to socio-economic analysis (in relation with the two MSFD “human constructs”: environmental targets & programmes of measures)
Task 3.5 Presentation of Needs for further research.


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