WP5 – Knowledge Transfer and Communication

WP5 Lead partner: AquaTT

WP5 Lead contact persons: David Murphy and Gill Marmelstein

Contact details: david@aquatt.ie and gill@aquatt.ie


WP5 will implement a Communication and Dissemination Plan, develop promotional material and create a dedicated website. The knowledge generated by the project (WP2) will be included in the EurOcean Knowledge Gate, a repository of EU-funded marine projects that provides an overview of the projects as well as detailed descriptions of knowledge outputs generated by the projects. Moreover, a targeted transfer of relevant STAGES outputs to specific end users will be carried out as soon as the deliverables are produced, by developing tailor made transfer materials. A final MSFD Workshop will be organised at the end of the project to present STAGES' results to the identified stakeholders and end users.


1. To increase relevant stakeholder awareness of the project, its objectives and activities through effective dissemination.
2. To make the knowledge of EU and national research funded activities in the are of marine environment (GES) widely accessible in a usable form for civil society at large, policy and decision makers, industry and SMEs.
3. To determine the most suitable means of dissemination to be used taking into account the type of knowledge to be transferred and the end-users to whom it will be transferred.
4. To ensure a well informed uptake of project results by the civil society at large, policy and decision makers, industry and SMEs.


Task 5.1 Development of the detalined “Communication and Dissemination Plan”
Task 5.2 General Dissemination
Task 5.3 Inclusion of the Knowledge generated within the project in the EurOcean Knowledge Gate.
Task 5.4 Knowledge Transfer of STAGES outputs.
Task 5.5 Final MSFD Workshop



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